Monday, June 30, 2008

face reconstruction code

The face reconstruction part was done as an afterthought..It tries to reconstruct the faces using a selected number of eigenfaces.The reconstructed images are created in a directory named reconfaces .The images named reconphiX.png etc are adjusted by adding the average image data to create the final images -named reconX.png etc.It can be seen that the more number of eigenfaces used in reconstruction,the closer are the final images to the original ones.

For an initial set of 16 images in the original face image collection,when 6 eigenfaces were used to do the reconstruction, one of the the reconstructed images is given below

Then 15 eigenfaces were used for the reconstruction and it created the following image

This reconstruction is very close to the original face image


Kenshin said...

Hello Sajan,
Where can I find the faces database that you used in the project?

Sajan said...

The download url was provided by some member of opencv yahoo group..I thought it was from Rice university image database..will update you if I get the correct url

CAN said...

Hello Sajan,
Is this project support new images or only the set images?
What if I want to add new pictures and persons to be recognized.. is this applicable?
If so , how can I do so?!
Thanks in advance